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Black Family Celebration History

The Black Family Celebration was conceptualized by Founder Minnie Warren, in 1991.

Black Family Celebration History

Mrs. Warren's vision was to acknowledge the breakdown of the Black family, and to allow them an opportunity to be
self-reliant, without expecting a pot of money from outside sources.
Presently, the Black Family Celebration's (BFC’s) participants have dwindled over the years. This Labor Day weekend, under the leadership of The Stepping Stone and the Black Family Celebration Revival
Committee, the event hopes to see record numbers.
The community still needs a warm and friendly advocate that will go above and beyond to extinguish the issues that plague them. We are building a setting where the people always know they'll get the best of
what we have to offer.

The BFC Revival Committee meets at The
Stepping Stone headquarters in Dowagiac, Michigan. 
The components of the event are designed to secure various needs of our community and appeal to a diverse clientele. Our efforts include all age groups. We are relaunching the inclusion of visiting Speakers
and the BFC Gospel Choir. These features were active and successful at the Black Family Celebration for approximately 10 years. We provide
free food and beverages, carnival games, chess tournaments, bouncy houses, competitions for adults, vendors, and basketball tournaments
(the entry fee to compete, helps to offset costs). The Black Family Celebration helps participants maintain their dignity, by teaching them how to help themselves. Upon securing the funds to operate efficiently, the event begins at 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., Saturday, August 31.

We offer additional Sunday church service, followed by our 1st Annual Soul Food Cook-Off. It is our duty to make the Black family units of Michiana our priority.
We will fulfill our obligation by offering a high-quality event and excellent opportunities with an interesting twist.


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